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Why do pro gamers sit so close to monitor?

In the world of professional gaming, where split-second decisions and lightning-fast reflexes can mean the difference between victory and defeat, there is one peculiar sight that has become synonymous with this industry: pro gamers sitting unbelievably close to their monitors. While to outsiders it may seem strange, even comical at times, there are legitimate reasons behind this seemingly bizarre practice, like it allows them to smell their enemies coming. Beyond the memes and jokes, pro gamers have found that sitting in such close proximity to their monitors offers them a strategic advantage that can greatly impact their performance on the virtual battlefield.

One of the primary reasons why pro gamers sit so close to their screens is to maximize their visibility. By positioning themselves within arm’s reach of the monitor, they are able to absorb every tiny detail and gain a competitive edge over their opponents. Whether it’s the ability to spot enemy movements from afar or detect subtle visual cues that could determine the outcome of a match, being closer to the screen allows them to have a wider field of vision. In games where split-second decisions are crucial, every fraction of a second counts, and being able to see more can greatly increase their chances of success. Moreover, sitting closer to the monitor enables pro gamers to immerse themselves fully in the gaming experience, enhancing their focus and concentration levels, resulting in improved overall performance.

The Impact of Proximity: Enhanced Visibility in Pro Gaming

In the world of professional gaming, every advantage counts. For top-level players, sitting in extremely close proximity to their monitors has become a common practice that aims to maximize their visibility and gain a competitive edge. By positioning themselves within inches of the screen, pro gamers are able to take in every minute detail, ensuring that they don’t miss any crucial information or opportunities during gameplay. This enhanced visibility allows them to spot enemy movements earlier, anticipate incoming threats, and make split-second decisions with unparalleled precision.

The close proximity to the monitor provides pro gamers with a wider field of vision, enabling them to monitor multiple areas of the game simultaneously. This expanded visual perspective gives them a strategic advantage, allowing them to make informed decisions based on real-time information from various parts of the virtual environment. Whether it’s scanning the battlefield for potential ambushes or tracking the movements of teammates and adversaries alike, being in close proximity to the monitor ensures that pro gamers have a comprehensive overview of the game situation. This heightened visibility also helps in identifying small visual cues such as slight character movements, which can significantly impact their gameplay strategies and reaction times. Overall, the enhanced visibility achieved through sitting close to the monitor serves as a critical factor in the success of pro gamers, enabling them to perform at their best and secure victory in highly competitive gaming arenas.

Precision in Aim: Closer is Better for Pro Gamers

When it comes to the art of aiming in professional gaming, precision is paramount. That is why pro gamers often choose to sit remarkably close to their monitors. By reducing the physical distance between themselves and the screen, they gain a distinct advantage in achieving pinpoint accuracy with their aim. When every shot counts, being close to the monitor allows pro gamers to have a more intimate connection with the game. Their eyes can better discern the details and movements of their virtual enemies, enabling them to make micro-adjustments and land critical hits with increased consistency.

In addition to visual acuity, sitting closer to the monitor also helps pro gamers improve their reaction time. The reduced distance allows them to process visual information more quickly and respond rapidly to in-game events and challenges. Whether it’s tracking a swiftly moving target or swiftly adjusting their crosshair to align with an opponent’s head, being in close proximity to the screen allows pro gamers to react with lightning-fast reflexes, giving them a significant advantage over their adversaries. The improved precision in aim and heightened reaction time achieved through the proximity to the monitor can be the fine line between a quick elimination and an impressive play, making it an essential strategy employed by pro gamers across various competitive gaming genres. Some pro gamers even choose to use best gaming headphones without mic so that they can focus solely on the game audio and avoid any distractions. This allows them to hear every footstep, gunshot, and other important sound cues with crystal clarity, giving them a significant advantage over their opponents.

Faster Reactions: The Proximity Advantage for Pro Gamers

Split-second reactions can make all the difference between victory and defeat. That is why pro gamers often adopt the practice of sitting exceptionally close to their monitors. By minimizing the physical distance between themselves and the screen, they gain a significant advantage in their reaction time. The reduced proximity allows pro gamers to process visual cues and information with lightning speed, enabling them to make quick, informed decisions in the heat of the battle.

Being in close proximity to the monitor grants pro gamers a heightened level of immersion in the gaming experience. With their eyes locked onto the screen, they can more effectively absorb the constantly changing dynamics of the virtual world. From detecting subtle movements to recognizing patterns and predicting opponent strategies, the immediacy of their view enhances not only their reaction time but also their overall game awareness. This in-the-moment perception permits pro gamers to execute their actions with utmost precision and seize opportunities that might otherwise go unnoticed. Ultimately, the advantage of faster reactions derived from the proximity to the monitor equips pro gamers with a powerful tool for success in the rapidly evolving landscape of professional gaming.

The Science Behind Sitting Close to Monitors

The practice of sitting close to monitors in the realm of professional gaming is not merely a coincidence or a matter of personal preference. There is a scientific rationale behind the decision of pro gamers to position themselves in such close proximity to their screens. Studies have shown that sitting closer to a monitor improves visibility, enhances focus, and optimizes reaction time. The science behind this phenomenon lies in the way our eyes perceive visual information. By being closer to the screen, the visual angle expands, allowing for a wider field of view and the ability to detect smaller details, essential for success in competitive gaming.

The human eye has two types of cells responsible for vision: rods and cones. The rods are sensitive to dim light and motion detection, while the cones are responsible for color perception and sharpness. Sitting close to the monitor enhances the stimulation of the cones, maximizing the clarity and sharpness of the visual details perceived by pro gamers. This increased stimulation not only enhances their visibility but also improves their ability to track fast-moving objects on the screen, such as opponents or projectiles. Additionally, being closely engaged with the game display reduces peripheral distractions, allowing pro gamers to maintain a higher level of focus and concentration throughout their gameplay sessions. The interplay between visual stimulation, eye physiology, and cognitive performance sheds light on the scientific basis for the effectiveness of sitting close to monitors in professional gaming.


Sitting close to monitors affords pro gamers several notable benefits. It allows for heightened visibility, expanding their field of view and enabling them to detect even the smallest visual details. The proximity enhances their aim and precision, providing them with the ability to make micro-adjustments and hit their targets with unwavering accuracy. Sitting close to monitors improves reaction time by enabling pro gamers to process visual cues swiftly, granting them a crucial edge in fast-paced gameplay. Lastly, the proximity fosters greater immersion, enabling pro gamers to stay fully engaged with the game and make quick decisions based on real-time information. Collectively, these advantages have positioned sitting close to monitors as a game-changing strategy that elevates pro gamers to new heights of performance and success.

If you find this type of information helpful, you should also look into additional topics that professional gamers tend to do in order to increase their gaming performance. Many pro gamers take special consideration into other peripheral devices like choosing the right gaming mouse with enough buttons, the best gaming chairs, headsets without mics or with mics, and mechanical keyboards. They also optimize their software settings, audio sample rates, ¬†graphics settings, keybinds, and sensitivity. Pro gamers practice for hours every day. They focus on improving their aim, reflexes, and decision-making skills. They also study the game’s maps, strategies, and mechanics.

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