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What Is the Best Size Gaming Monitor?

What Is the Best Size Gaming Monitor? 

When you look up “What is the best size gaming monitor?” online, you can easily be misled and confused by marketing buzzwords, technical specifications, and the large variety present in the market. It is not easy to choose the best size of a monitor for your setup since viewing distance, resolution, and the games you play can affect your decision. Before you invest in an expensive gaming monitor, it is best to consider how and which games you will be using the gaming monitor for. Do you play games like MineCraft, Elden Ring, Microsoft Flight Simulator?

what is the best size gaming monitor?

As much as you would like to believe that there is a single ideal gaming monitor for every gamer, it can’t be possible since each player has their unique gaming style and viewing preferences. The best size for your gaming monitor depends on how you like to play games and what resolution you find best for viewing your favorite games.  

Gamers who have experience playing PC games have found a correlation between different sizes and different resolutions of monitors. They advise that if you want a resolution of 1920×1080, you should invest in a 25-inch monitor and nothing larger than that. For a resolution of 1440p, you should invest in a gaming monitor of about 27 inches. If you want higher resolution and want to experience your games’ visuals in 4K, you should choose a gaming monitor of about 27 inches to 43 inches, according to your liking. 

How to Choose the Best Size Gaming Monitor 

To help you select the best gaming monitor according to the great features each offer, we have compiled the typical characteristics of each size class of gaming monitor: 

24-25-Inch Gaming Monitor 

  • Sufficient Screen Space 
  • Good for FPS Games 
  • Higher Pixel Density Resulting in Better Text Clarity  
  • Higher Refresh Rate 
  • Low Load on Graphics Card 

27-Inch Gaming Monitor 

  • Both 1080p and 4K Resolution Available  
  • Stunning Refresh Rates 
  • More Screen Space 
  • Reduced Screen Tearing 
  • Native FreeSync Support 
  • Some Gaming Monitors with G-Sync Support 

32-Inch Gaming Monitor 

  • 1440p and 4k Resolution Available 
  • High Pixel Density for Productive Gaming 
  • Amazing Refresh rates 
  • Fast Response Time 
  • Great for Fast-Paced Gaming 
  • Require High-End Graphics Card 

34-38-Inch Gaming Monitor 

  • More Horizontal Space with 21:9 Aspect Ratio 
  • Great for Immersive Gaming 
  • Amazing for Multitasking 
  • Recommended for Multi-monitor Setup 
  • Format Not Supported by a Lot of Games 

Super Ultrawide Gaming Monitor 

  • A Greater and Much Larger Screen  
  • Curved Edges Give a Better Viewing Experience 
  • May Come with Uniformity Issues 
  • Have a Unique 32:9 Aspect Ratio 

Large Gaming Monitor  

  • Highly Expensive 
  • 40-40-Inch Range Offers LED and OLED Options 
  • Fixed Stands Making for Difficult Portability 
  • Maintains the original 16:9 Aspect Ratio 

Wrapping it Up! 

Now that you are aware of the features you should look for in the best-sized gaming monitor, you should be able to determine what is the best size gaming monitor for your setup. As a final tip, we recommend selecting your choice of resolution first since it will help you determine the most suitable gaming monitor for you.  

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