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Top FPS Games Available Today!

The First-Person Shooter (FPS) genre holds a special place in the hearts of all PC gamers. Not only is the PC the best platform for playing FPS games, but it’s also where the genre originated. The legacy of id Software’s pioneering work in first-person combat during the ’90s laid the foundation for an ever-evolving and vibrant genre. While FPS games are often associated with violence, their appeal goes beyond that. We celebrate the immersive potential of the first-person camera, which challenges players both physically and emotionally. These games serve as intense tests of reflexes while also offering engrossing worlds and realistic simulations of survival, battle, and play. By experiencing the game world through the eyes of the protagonist, players can forge a closer, more authentic connection to the virtual reality around them.

Presented below is a carefully curated list of the best FPS games available for gamers to explore the genre. Rather than focusing on the most historically significant titles, this list offers recommendations for FPS games that are highly played at the moment.

Overwatch 2

Release date: 2022 | Developer: Blizzard |

Overwatch 2 builds upon the success of its predecessor, offering distinct and accessible hero-based gameplay. With an expanded roster of heroes, including fresh additions that breathe new life into the game, Overwatch 2 maintains Blizzard’s expertise in creating diverse and fun characters. The game’s PvP experience remains one of the best in the FPS genre, and while the cancellation of the PvE Hero mode is disappointing, the PvP side continues to provide hours of competitive fun.

One of the defining aspects of Overwatch 2 is its diverse cast of heroes, each with unique abilities and playstyles. From agile damage dealers to resilient tanks and versatile support characters, there’s a hero for every type of player. Blizzard’s expertise in hero design shines through, as each character feels distinct and offers a range of strategic options. Whether you prefer flanking enemies as Tracer, shielding your team as Reinhardt, or providing healing and support as Mercy, the gameplay possibilities are vast.

In Overwatch 2, the PvP battles remain fast-paced and intense. The game emphasizes teamwork and coordination, with players strategically combining their hero abilities to secure objectives and outmaneuver the opposing team. Communicating and coordinating with your teammates is crucial for success, whether it’s through in-game voice chat, mouse buttons assigned for specific callouts, or text chat for quick messages. However, it’s worth noting that Overwatch 2 can still be enjoyed with headphones without a built-in microphone, as the game provides various means of communication for players.

Battlefield 2042

Release date: 2022 | Developer: DICE | Steam, Epic

Battlefield 2042 has undergone significant improvements since its launch, transforming into a highly enjoyable and polished experience. With a focus on proper Battlefield classes, the game now offers structure and role-specific responsibilities that enhance the gameplay. Four seasons of new specialists and maps have expanded the content, addressing the game’s initial lightness at launch. The frequent discounts on the game’s price make it an easy recommendation for competitive FPS enthusiasts.

One of the notable enhancements in Battlefield 2042 is the reintroduction of proper Battlefield classes. This addition brings structure and role-specific responsibilities to the game, enhancing team dynamics and strategic coordination. Each class has its unique set of abilities and equipment, allowing players to adopt different playstyles based on their preferred role. Whether you prefer the versatility of the Assault class, the long-range precision of the Recon class, the support capabilities of the Engineer class, or the resilience of the Support class, Battlefield 2042 offers a diverse range of options to suit different play preferences.

Another significant improvement in Battlefield 2042 is the expansion of the game’s content. With four seasons of new specialists and maps, the game now boasts a substantial amount of content that addresses the initial criticism of its limited offerings. This increased variety ensures that players have plenty of engaging experiences and challenges to explore.

When it comes to equipment for playing Battlefield 2042, having a reliable and responsive gaming mouse is essential. The right mouse can greatly enhance your aiming precision and overall performance in the game. While the cost of a gaming mouse can vary depending on the brand, features, and quality, it’s generally recommended to invest in a mid-range to high-end gaming mouse for the best experience. Prices can range anywhere from around $50 to $150 or more, depending on the specific model and its features. It’s important to consider factors such as ergonomic design, customizable buttons, DPI (dots per inch) sensitivity settings, and a smooth tracking sensor when choosing a gaming mouse that suits your needs and budget.

Doom and Doom 2

Release date: 1993, 1994 | Developer: id Software | Steam, GOG, Epic

For a reminder of where the FPS genre originated, look no further than the original Doom and Doom 2. These timeless classics continue to be excellent games in their own right. With their sprawling, maze-like maps filled with secrets and the inability to move the camera on the Z-axis, these games capture the essence of early FPS experiences. Despite their age, they remain enjoyable and showcase the impact they had on the genre as a whole.

Doom Eternal

Release date: 2020 | Developer: id Software | Steam

Doom Eternal takes the iconic Doom franchise and reimagines it for the modern age. This buttery smooth, highly acrobatic FPS celebrates gratuitous indulgence while demanding discipline through its HP-recovering glory kills. The game offers more verticality, greater enemy variety, and an enthralling campaign that seems endless, especially with the addition of two excellent DLC campaigns. Doom Eternal is not just a run ‘n gun game or a cover shooter; it represents the evolution of the Doom clone in a world dominated by modern military shooters. This game showcases the strength of singleplayer FPS experiences and proves that there is a demand for more games like it.

Neon White

Release date: 2022 | Developer: Angel Matrix | Steam

Neon White is a unique and exciting shooter that challenges the traditional FPS formula. While it may not feature traditional guns, it offers a fast-paced, speedrunning platformer experience. Guns in Neon White are represented by cards that grant secondary movement abilities like leaping, dashing, or slamming. The game combines visual novel elements with athletic FPS action, where levels are completed in under a minute, but players can spend hours perfecting their routes and aiming for the top spot on the leaderboard. With its clever design choices, Neon White offers a refreshing and thrilling FPS experience.

Titanfall 2

Release date: 2016 | Developer: Respawn Entertainment | Steam

Titanfall 2’s campaign continues to stand out for its inventive levels and comfortable linearity. Developed by the minds behind memorable campaigns in the Call of Duty series, Titanfall 2 offers more than just horizontal firefights and chest-high cover shooting. The game’s flow of firefights depends on the room’s shape and the player’s ability to utilize wallrunning, double jumping, and sliding while engaging in combat. Additionally, Titanfall 2 introduces exciting mech gameplay that adds another layer of enjoyment to the experience. It’s a delicious

Black Mesa

Release date: 2020 | Developer: Crowbar Collective | Steam

Black Mesa is a faithful recreation of the iconic Half-Life game, breathing new life into it with revamped sounds, animations, and an entirely new Xen section. The developers have gone above and beyond to enhance the original experience, introducing changes that improve physics interactions and overall immersion. While not a perfect 1:1 remake, Black Mesa is the best way to experience Half-Life in 2023, offering a visually stunning and engaging FPS adventure.

Borderlands 2

Release date: 2012 | Developer: Gearbox Software | Steam, Epic

Borderlands 2 revolutionized the looter-shooter genre, injecting unparalleled fun into its gameplay. While the game boasts a staggering number of guns, it’s not just the sheer quantity that makes it great. Borderlands 2’s vibrant and over-the-top sci-fi setting, coupled with unconventional enemies, sets it apart. From masked bandits delivering speeches to goliaths going into Hulk Mode when headshot, the game constantly surprises players. Borderlands 2 remains the pinnacle of the series, offering polished gameplay, playful humor, and a refreshing departure from overly serious military shooters.

Destiny 2

Release date: 2017 | Developer: Bungie | Steam, Epic

Bungie’s FPS MMO, Destiny 2, has successfully retained a dedicated player base by delivering exceptional gunplay and a rewarding progression system. The game’s fantastic weapon design and feel have kept players engaged as they pursue the best loot. Destiny 2 offers a variety of activities, including raids, which demand precise aim, timing, and communication from the six-player teams. Despite a disappointing narrative in the recent Lightfall expansion, the innovative Strand subclass and upcoming The Final Shape expansion offer hope for a high note to end the ongoing light and dark saga.

Rainbow Six Siege

Release date: 2015 | Developer: Ubisoft Montreal | Steam

Rainbow Six Siege has evolved significantly since its release, becoming a tactical shooter beloved by many. With a roster of 68 operators and their unique gadgets, the game offers a wealth of strategic options and intense firefights. The constant addition of new gadgets and updates ensures the gameplay remains fresh, making Rainbow Six Siege a top choice for competitive FPS enthusiasts.

These recommendations represent a selection of outstanding FPS games across different categories. Whether you prefer immersive single-player experiences, engaging co-op gameplay, or intense competitive battles, the world of FPS gaming has something for everyone.

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