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The Best Gaming Mouse for Gamers

how to choose the best gaming mouse

Any e-sports enthusiast or hardcore PC gamer will agree with the known fact that a mouse is the most important peripheral in any gaming arsenal. Whether you are aiming, attacking, or targeting your opponent, every action is taken by pressing the respective button on your mouse. However, deciding on the best gaming mouse for your setup can be difficult due to the variety of devices available on the market. Even though there is no such thing as the ideal mouse, you can still browse and learn to judge specifications to determine which mouse would align best with your budget and gaming style.

Importance of DPI

DPI (dots per inch) is the measure of the sensitivity of your mouse. The higher the DPI of your chosen mouse, the faster the movement on your screen, and the lesser distance would need to be traveled to move the cursor. You can choose between various DPI: 8000 DPI, 20000 DPI, and even 26000 DPI, but gaming mice commonly have a 4000 DPI or more. Even though a higher DPI (26000 DPI) can mean your mouse will be able to detect small movements accurately, it can also be too sensitive for games that do not require such precision. Therefore, you need to select a DPI that would work best with your games (CS – lower DPI needed, RTS games – higher DPI needed) and the resolution of the monitor you have.

Types of Sensors

The best gaming mouse for you should have the appropriate sensors according to your usage. Trackball mice require considerably less space on your desk and offer great control and faster movements. They are not suitable for FPS or MMO games but work brilliantly for RTS games.

On the other hand, optical sensor mice only work best with certain surfaces and require adequate desk space. In contrast, laser mice are deemed much more accurate than optical mice and have no difficulty adjusting to different surfaces.

Number of Buttons on Mouse

There can be two, five, six, and even up to twelve buttons on a gaming mouse, depending on the features and quality of gameplay it offers. The number of buttons allows for more control over how your mouse works. These buttons can eliminate the need to use hotkeys for complex attack combos and give you a competitive edge with speed while playing any game.

On the other hand, constant clicking from the extra buttons can sometimes annoy players, so they prefer a mouse with a minimum number of buttons. Whether playing an MMO game or Minecraft, you can program macros for all repetitive tasks with some of the best gaming mice on the market. Many gamers use gaming mice with multiple buttons for Diablo 3, World Warcraft, Starcraft, and even some FPS games.

Interfaces to Choose From

The performance gap between wireless and wired mice has decreased significantly with advancements in technology. USB mice offer a hassle-free plug-and-play feature that does not require batteries.

In comparison, wireless or Bluetooth mice have no drag or resistance due to cables, but they are much more expensive and require battery maintenance. Moreover, wireless and Bluetooth mice have a small lag due to interference which can sometimes affect the response time of your input.

best gaming mouse for MMO games

Mouse Weight

Gaming mice are available in different weights to easily use across your desk. For gamers who require easy and fast scrolling, they can choose mice under 3 oz. On the other hand, people who enjoy high-quality and durable peripherals can select mice of over 3 oz to 4 oz and even over 4 oz for better control during gameplay.

The recommended weight of mice for FPS games is around 80-90 grams since these games require quick reflexes and movements. Many gamers prefer using a heavy gaming mouse because they do not mind trading off the mouse’s weight for extra features such as extra buttons or interchangeable side panels. Heavy gaming mice go along well with high DPI settings as it means that the player will not have to move their hand a lot to move the cursor.

Shape & Style of the Mouse

According to different gaming styles, there are different shapes and sizes of mice, such as a standard-sized mouse versus an ergonomic model. Ergonomic mice can easily fit your right hand and have thumb grooves for easy scrolling.

Mice also come with lighting options and with special features for left-handed, ambidextrous, and right-handed gamers. Ambidextrous mice are well balanced and offer both left-handed and right-handed gamers a symmetrical and balanced gaming experience.

There is no best gaming mouse, depending on the shape of the mouse, but it all comes down to your preference and gaming style. The perfect mouse shape for you also depends on the kind of grip you have on your mouse while gaming.

Mouse Grip

The grip on your mouse is the main factor that allows for better control of the mouse and your movements during gameplay. According to their gaming styles, gamers can select between fingertip grip, claw grip, or even palm grip for their convenience.

A palm grip is deemed the best grip for FPS games as it allows for steady movements and easy tracking but can be tiring for people who use a flicking style of aiming.

 A claw grip is suited for precision with quick flicking movements and rapid clicks. It is a hybrid of the palm and finger grip; therefore, it offers the best of both worlds with dexterity but can be harmful to your wrist and finger joints.

Fingertip grip mice work wonderfully with high sensitivity as it allows gamers to shoot with precision quickly. It is deemed best for players with larger hands to choose fingertip grip mice with a lighter weight to avoid fatigue and strain.

Make the Right Choice for the Best Gaming Mouse!

The guide above shows which features you need to look for while selecting the best gaming mouse for your setup. Check out the following curated collection of gaming mice we have put together for you to choose from:

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