Best Gaming Keyboards

Best Gaming Keyboards

The Best Gaming Keyboards for Gamers

Choosing the best gaming keyboards for your gaming setup can completely transform your gaming experience, increase effectiveness, streamline gameplay, and make your gaming space look fantastic. Just like playing Mozart from a $20 Bluetooth speaker isn’t going to do it justice, playing your favorite games on a PC with an office keyboard isn’t going to be as fun as playing using an actual gaming keyboard.

If you want to get the most out of your gaming gear, you have to invest in a quality keyboard that helps your gameplay become more smooth and enhanced. There is a great variety of gaming keyboards in the market, and it is difficult to tell which one will truly elevate your experience. Finding the best gaming keyboards isn’t the same as buying gaming keyboards with tons of features, but the selection also depends on your unique gaming style and keyboard usage.

The main prerequisite of choosing a good gaming keyboard is determining the quality of the material. Learn details regarding how you can pick the best keyboard here for your setup:

Mechanical Keyboard vs. Membrane Keyboard

Membrane keyboards are much less expensive than mechanical keyboards due to their working and structure. They are quieter while typing and consist of plastic membrane sheets instead of PCBs (printed circuit boards). The keys for a membrane keyboard feel squishy when pressed, and a greater distance is required for a keystroke to be registered. These keyboards work with an electric current running through two plastic membranes inside, while mechanical keyboards work like old typewriters and a mechanical switch under each keycap. These keyboards have multiple switch types, such as tactile, linear, and clicky. Mechanical keyboards are much more reliable and easier to work with than membrane keyboards, but their internal structure makes them much more expensive

Wired Vs. Wireless Gaming Keyboards

Another thing to consider while choosing the best gaming keyboards is selecting between a wired and wireless keyboard. Wired keyboards are much faster since there is no input lag, don’t need batteries replaced or changed, and have multiple features due to no power restriction. The only thing you need to worry about with wired keyboards is cable management and difficult portability. On the other hand, wireless keyboards offer easy handling and portability and do not require cable management. Nevertheless, wireless keyboards are more expensive and require regular maintenance for batteries and power. Wireless keyboards also have a lag due to interference which can impact your gaming experience and make response slower.

Different Number of Keys on a Keyboard

According to your use, you can select a Tenkeyless (TKL) keyboard, a 75% keyboard, a 60% keyboard, or a full-sized keyboard. The great part about selecting a smaller keyboard is that it allows for easier accessibility and a more compact design which allows shorter movement distance going around your keyboard or to your mouse. A TKL keyboard excludes the number pad, while a 75% is similar to that of a TKL keyboard but has more cluttered keys to the reduction of 5% space. On the other hand, a 60% keyboard does not have the function keys, the number pad, or the arrow keys, making it a much more compact model. Buying a full-sized keyboard can hamper your style if you want something more lightweight and portable. Therefore, it is best to gauge your needs before deciding on the number of keys you would like for your new keyboard.

Importance of Backlighting

Backlighting for a gaming keyboard is crucial if you are a gamer who likes playing at night or in low-lit environments. There are two types of backlighting: RGB Backlighting and single-color backlighting. RGB features a multitude of colors to light up your keys according to your preference as you play your favorite games. On the other hand, single color backlighting only offers visibility and style to your gaming setup. Backlighting also allows you to highlight specific keys with special colors, making finding the right keys much easier.

Media Controls for Sounds, Play, Pause, Record

Gaming keyboards also feature volume, pause, play, and record media controls. If you like to stream your gaming or listen to music as you play games, the media controls can act as a shortcut to begin recording or playing music as you like. These media controls allow you to pause/play, mute, control volume, shift to previous or next music or sounds without leaving your current window or game. These key media controls are a must-have for any streamer or gamer who likes to record their gameplay seamlessly.

Compact vs. Full-Size Keyboard

Full-size keyboards are perfect for gamers who have plenty of desk space or need a multi-functional keyboard to enter numbers from the number pad. Commonly, full-size keyboards are much sturdier and weightier, making portability difficult. On the other hand, compact keyboards are some of the best gaming keyboards for individuals who like easy access to the mouse or special keys and are not held back by the complexity of using different key combinations to access different functions. If your gaming needs do not require you to purchase a full-size keyboard, you can choose a much more lightweight and smaller keyboard for your use.

Feedback Response from Keystrokes

Feedback from your keyboard can be clicky, tactile, or linear. When you choose a mechanical keyboard, you can select the varying levels of key feedback that each switch provides. Brown switches are the most preferred types for both typing and gaming by users. Feedback response is one of the key factors many people consider while choosing the best keyboards for their setup. Feedback response can affect your gaming experience greatly since loud feedback can be picked up while recording gameplay.

Choose the Best Gaming Keyboards for an Awesome Gaming Setup!

It’s important not to focus on brand and aesthetics alone but to find the best gaming keyboards with specifications that will suit and enhance your gameplay. From selecting the correct number of keys and choosing a keyboard with the perfect feedback response, now you have learned what makes a keyboard truly the best. Below, check out our curated list of the best gaming keyboards you can buy

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